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The overall aim of CHIPS is to enhance the exchange of information and expertise between centres in order to promote standardised and high quality paediatrician-led care of all HIV-infected children in the UK and Ireland. Its objectives are to describe clinical, laboratory and treatment information in HIV infected children under care in the UK and Ireland, and to describe the use of paediatric HIV services. This information is fed back to the reporting paediatricians in order to inform and improve care provision.

In addition, CHIPS has a number of secondary objectives:

  • To contribute to large meta-analyses investigating the association between CD4 count and viral load with age in untreated HIV infected children
  • To address research questions e.g. on the natural history, surrogate markers, efficacy and toxicity of antiretroviral therapy in children and adolescents
  • To undertake non-randomised comparisons of responses to antiretroviral therapy between children and adults using paediatric and adult cohort data
  • To encourage similar cohorts to be established across Europe to allow analyses of larger data sets
  • To contribute data to cohort collaborations as well as to participate in and encourage collaborative research.

CHIPS has ethics approval from the London Multi-centre Research Ethics Committee.