Participating Clinics

This list includes all hospitals, which report either directly or as a shared care centre. A recent review of paediatric HIV services in the UK emphasised the principle of care that all children and families with HIV have access to the same standard of care wherever they live (Children’s HIV National Network (CHINN) Review, 2005; www.chiva.org.uk), and CHIPS data help ensure that quality standards are being met.

What Happens When

CHIPS reporting follows standard financial year reporting (April - March). New hospitals are welcome to join CHIPS at any time.  CHIPS follow up forms are sent out for completion for each patient in follow up, at least once a year. The schedule for sending out and returning CHIPS follow up forms is arranged on a case by case basis with each clinic, depending on the number of patients. 

Soundex Calculator

Soundex is an anonymised representation of a surname, consisting of the initial letter and 3 digits (eg Chips=C120). No Soundex is unique to a single name, and a name cannot be re-created from a Soundex code, so it is not possible to breach confidentiality by providing it. However, together with date of birth, Soundex helps flag up duplicate reports. We would be very grateful if you could start adding Soundex when you complete CHIPS forms.